5 Things Every New Runner Needs To Get Started

Running is a great way to stay active, push your limits, and live a healthier lifestyle. But before you get out there and no matter what type of running you’ll be doing there are 5 essential things that every runner will need to get started.

1- A Quality Pair of Running Shoes

The most important tool of a runner is a good pair of running shoes.

It is especially important for beginner runners to find a quality shoe catered to their needs to get the most out of their runs and prevent injury.

Beginners should first find out their pronation which can be either neutral, overpronation, or supination. You can usually find out your pronation by getting analyzed at your local running store. After you’ve found out your pronation you can find a shoe specific to it to give you the most comfortable run. It is best to avoid cheaper shoes as they usually have less support and are far less durable but you can always find good deals online and on clearance at running and sporting goods stores to get quality shoes at a good price.

2- Proper Running Attire

Along with the shoes a runner needs functional and comfortable clothing to run in comfort and style. Every runner needs a pair of running shorts and tights in their preferred length and/or style, quality shirts and singlets that will wick away moisture in the heat as well as others with longer sleeves that will keep you warm in the cold, and comfortable socks that are breathable and won’t slip. Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas are great brands that I suggest for high quality running apparel but at the end of the day, it is all about finding what fits your own taste and what you find comfortable.

3- A Goal

The one thing that will get a runner out the door and onto trail quicker than anything else is a goal. Whether you are a young runner doing cross country and track for the first time, training for your first road race, or running to improve your personal fitness a running goal in mind is important to stay motivated to run every day and avoid running burnout.

Another benefit of setting goals is the satisfaction of achieving those goals which can lead to a boost in self-esteem and a desire to continue to set higher goals.

4- A Structured Training Plan

After a goal is set a runner must make a plan to reach that goal. Having a structured plan makes achieving your running goals much easier than just playing it by ear. It is important to develop a training plan specific to the nature of the goal. Training for a one-mile race is going to be different than training for a marathon or running to lose weight. After a little research, you can put together a plan with the appropriate mileage and intensity that you need for your goal and make adjustments where needed. It is also important not only to do your running training but add the right strength and core training as well to stay strong and prevent injuries.

5- A Watch

Another extremely vital tool a runner may find useful is a running watch. A newer runner can use a standard timing watch which can give a runner an accurate measure of the time spent running or you would like to know the distance of your runs you can invest in a more expensive GPS watch which can measure a variety of running metrics. Having a watch for your running is important because it allows you to make sure you are running the correct amount of time you are supposed to on a run as well as give you a measure of improvement as your runs and workouts get faster.

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