How to Prepare for Race Day

In this short how to video I will introduce a few tips that can help you prepare for your next race

An exciting experience for any runner is the opportunity to race. Whether you are new to running and would like a little help to prepare or you have experience racing and want to learn more here are a few tips you can follow to be prepared on race day.

The most important thing you should keep in mind while preparing for a race is your training. It is important that you have a set training plan catered to the distance of the race and the terrain you will be running on. It also helps to have a running watch to help you know your paces and distances on your workouts to make sure you are getting the proper training for your race.

Another crucial step in preparing for a race is to stay hydrated. Athletes function their best when they are hydrated and being hydrated or not can determine how you feel on race day so it is important that you make sure to stay hydrated in the days before your race as well as after your race to replenish.

Having the proper racing shoes for the terrain will be running on can help you have the extra edge and confidence you need to run hard and make the most of your racing opportunity.

And of course you can’t race without the proper racing attire. For a typical race I would suggest wearing a lightweight running tank as well as lightweight running shorts when racing, of course it all comes down to what you are comfortable racing in but a good rule of thumb is to keep things light.

Lastly after your race is finished and your legs are spent it is a good idea to go on a cooldown run and stretch for 10-15 minutes as well as roll out your muscles to help reduce muscle soreness.

These are a few of my tips on how to prepare for race day and good luck at your next race!

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