1-Where is a good place to buy running shoes?

One option that I would highly recommend is RunningWarehouse.com, they usually have a good clearance section on quality trainers that have decreased in price because the newer models have come out. I would also suggest buying from your preferred running shoe manufacturer’s site to find high quality discounted shoes.

2-How can I find races to participate in?

If you are looking for road races to run in it is good to start by looking at local races near you that are usually organized by the community or a professional race organizer around Summer or early Fall. These races are nice because they usually have a good amount of participation and affordable registration. If you struggle to find any races in your community you can try checking LocalRaces.com and enter your zip code to find upcoming races in your area. If you are looking for track or cross country races I would suggest looking into USATF and their options for track and cross country competition in your age group.

3-How can I prevent injury while running regularly?

There are many things that you can do to help prevent running injury but there are a few crucial tips that every runner should implement to stay injury free. The first is to have a structured strength training plan that will not only strengthen your muscles but also reduce muscular imbalances that could lead to injury. The second crucial practice is to stretch after every single workout. Stretching will help your muscles recover faster and more efficiently as well as improve flexibility. The last and possibly most important thing to consider to prevent injury is to get quality nutrients and sleep. When you are running a lot it is important to get into your body the proper fuel and nutrients to aid in recovery and strengthening, but this nutrition means nothing if you don’t sleep.During sleep is when most of the healing and growth in your body takes place so it is important to get a decent amount to prevent running-related injuries.

4-How can I stay in shape while Injured?

This is a good question that I bet has crossed a lot of runners minds when they were met with an injury. I myself have wondered this a time or two but I have found effective means of achieving a high level of fitness despite not running. The two main factors to consider while staying in shape without running are strength and cross training. Cross training by means of biking, elliptical, and swimming workouts as well as functional strength training will keep your body in shape by providing high quality cardio and strength that your body will need when you return to running.

5-How should I start out running?

When you are first starting out it is important to not just go out and run lots of miles but to instead take things gradually to avoid the risk of injury or overtraining. It is best to start by doing intervals of walking and running with the walking intervals being longer and then decrease the walking and increase the running each week until you are doing full runs.

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